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  Perlstadt Photos

Photos from the Perlstadt and Anker Families

Foto de Sarah

There may be multiple pictures of the same person.   Click on either the photo or the name to enlarge the picture.  Please let me know if you recognize anyone who has been misidentified, is labeled as unknown or is in a group photo where not everyone is labeled.   I arranged these trying to keep related people together.   Thank You for your help.

Hannah Sarah Perlstadt
and step daughter Feinsilber
in Belgium about 1910

Golda, Fayge and Sheindel
Feinsilber in Belgium about 1910

Goldie Feinsilber in London

Goldie Feinsilber and Morris Ellman

Sheindl Feinsilber in London

Moshe and Chaiah Bella Kafri pre 1948 in Palestine

Frieda Perlstadt

Isaac and Sidney Perlstadt

Isaac Sarah Sidney and Nina Perlstadt in Chicago

Lillian Perlstadt in Chicago, probably the Humbolt Park area

Lillian Perlstadt Graduation Photo

Lillian and Irving Shain 3 Aug 1958

Milly Penn Perlstadt and Nina Perlstadt

Nina Perlstadt's baby photo in Warsaw

Nina Perlstadt at about 6

Nina at 18

Nina about 1931 (Glamour Shot)

Sidney Perlstadt

Aaron Wagner

Joe Kirshrot

Chaia Wagner Kirshrot, Rose Kirshrot Friver, and Reva Friver

Rose Kirshrot Friver, Samuel Friver and Reva Friver

Sarah Kopsdorf,
and Chaiah Devorah Wagner's daughters

Rose Kirshrot, Chaiah Devorah Wagner (Mrs. Wagner) Nina Perlstadt and Leona Wagner

Roy Asper, Rose Kirschrot, Chaiah Devorah Wagner and Joe Kirshrot

Aunt Chaiah Devorah Perlstadt Gelbfish and Daughter
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