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  My Family Photos

The Fishel Meyer Family
Left to Right Henry Meyers, Fishel Meyer (sitting), Jack Meyers (standing), Herman Charles (my grandfather),Ester Meyers (standing),Rebecca Hite Meyer (sitting) and Dora Meyers.

My Great Grand-Parents (Father's Side)
Fishel and Rebecca Meyer Fayge Birgardovsky?
Fishel and Rebecca Meyer, who immigrated
in the mid 1880's from the Odessa area of the Ukraine. Fishel's surname there was Perchik, and Rebecca's maiden name was Khait (Hite in the US).
This photo is my great-grandmother Tillie Edelberg's mother, Fayge. Her maiden name was Birgardovsky and her first husband's surname was Magrutsky. She never came to the US. She lived in the Odessa area originally and later in Kolonie Lvovo, Kherson Guberniya, Ukraine.

My Grandparents
Tillie Edelberg-Davis Meyer H.C. Meyer Sarah Isaac
Tillie Edelberg-Davis MeyerH. Charles MeyerSarah Carmel Perlstadt
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Isaac Hersh Perlstadt
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My Parents
father mother
Fred Meyer Nina Meyer

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