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  Jim's Family Photos

Brownsville TX horseback
The above photo was taken in Brownsville Texas while the US Cavalry was chasing Pancho Villa.   Jim's grandfather James S Christiansen, MD is the one on the left.   He immigrated to the US in the late 1800's and he was the cavalry doctor.

Jim's Great-Great-Grandparents
Marin Stine and Søren Christenen Nelson Felter and Caliphurnia Powers Felter William Smithers and Lois Arvilla Knight
Marin Stine and Søren Christensen, Pollerup,Kullegård, Denmark Nelson Felter and Califurnia Powers Felter William Smithers and Lois Arvilla Knight

Jim's Great Grand-Parents
Christian Sorenson and Lena Hemingson John W Brackney and Jamie Felter Brackneu John Wellington Learned James and Elizabeth  Stone
Christian Sorenson and Lena Hemingson John Wilson Brackney and Janie Felter Brackney
Please see Janie Brackney's Photo Album in the Media Menu above.
John Wellington Learned and Carrie Zaida Smithers James and Elizabeth Robinson Stone.
She nursed the ill in Wisconsin
using poultices made from moldy bread.

Jim's Grandparents
Maud Brackney and Dr James Christiansen Arthur and Alma Stone Learned
Dr. James and Maud Brackney ChristiansenArthur and Alma Stone Learned's Wedding Photo

Jim's Parents
Parent's Wedding Photo
On the top row, Elizabeth Learned was the Maid of Honor and Paul Smith was the Best Man.
The Middle Row has the Bride and the Groom: Irene Learned and James Brackney Christiansen.
The bottom row has the Flower Girl, Sandy Guth

Jim's Sister
Kayla Elizabeth Christiansen

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