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For the photographs with more than one person, please identify the person by row number and the placement from left to right.   For a photo with three individuals on a diagonal, just say left, center or right.   This photo has an inscription on the back which is in Russian, if anyone can translate it please send me the translation (or write it in the guestbook).

This photo was taken in Russia.   It is from the Edelberg or Birgardovsky (Davis) side. Do you recognize anyone?

Can you read the names. It appears that one name is Feni, and another Shloma, but the third one (which should be a feminine name) appears to be difficult.

The man on the right is Solomon Edelberg (son of Feivel), We think that the other man may be from the Bychkov family. Do you know his name?

This is the back of the Klezmer photo

This photograph is of Hannah Sarah Perlstadt Feinsilber's step daughter.   Her maiden name may be Necha Feinsilber, according to her father's United States naturalization papers.

This photo from Warsaw is of three cousins including Sarah Kopsdorf, Chaiah Devorah's daughter and another. Can you identify them?,

This photograph is Chaiah Devorah Perlstadt Gelbfisz and her daughter, and was probably taken in Warsaw around 1910. I do not know the daughter's name. Do you?

This Yiddish may be provide the identification of the next photo.

This photo may have been taken in Winnipeg. Do you recognize anyone?

Solved! Left to Right Itche (Abraham Isaac) Carmel and Molly Carmel Joseph Shure, Esther Karmelek de Rozendorf, Lili Rozendorf de Torchinski and Sidney Perlstadt. The picture was taken in Chicago in 1948.

Can you identify anyone?

This is Walter. I, And Merna. Merna is very tall, and a beloved child. I only have two Walter's in my database and neither has a daughter Merna. Perhaps they were friends.

Where was this taken and do you recognize the baby?.

This photo was taken by Gorman at 418 Hastings St.
Can you identify the baby?

I believe that my grandmother is standing at the left and that my father is the child seated on the bench. Can anyone identify any more of the Meyer clan?

This photo is the 1908 marriage of Hessie Bychkov to Simon Edelberg. We think that the people to the left of the bride are her family. The groom's family is at the right side of the picture. It appears that the parents of both the bride and groom are seated, with the thin faced woman being Fayge Birgardovsky Murgarotsky Edelberg (the groom's step-mother) and the man seated next to her is Feivel Edelberg. Standing next to the groom is my grandmother Tillie Edelberg, The small Edelberg boy is Samuel (Shmilik) who died during WWI. Hinda Edelberg Baum is to the right of my grandmother, and one of Shimon's brothers, possibly Folek or Itzak is the in front between Tillie and Hinda. Do you know which Edelberg brother is in the photo? Do you have the names of any of the Bychkov family?

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