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  Janie Felter Brackney's Photograph Album

Janie was Jim's paternal great grandmother, his paternal grandmother Maud Brackney's mother.
I edited these photos in an attempt to clean them up.   Some came out better than others, and sometimes there are two versions of the same picture.   Click on either the photo or the name to enlarge the photo.     Please let me know if you recognize anyone who has been misidentified, is labeled as unknown or is in a group photo where not everyone is labeled.   I arranged these trying to keep related people together.   Thank You for your help.

Calphrunia Powers Felter

Janie Felter Brackney

John Wilson Brackney

Rebecca Martin Brackney

Grandma Hawes and Great-Grandma Martin
(mother of Rebecca Martin)

John W Brackney, Herbert and Herman

Herbert(L) Herman(R) Brackney

Herman, Maud, Herbert Brackney

John R Felter(edited)

John Felter

Rebecca Thomas Felter
(Mrs. John R.)

L W Felter and Lottie Schoolcraft Felter

Lyman Felter
with suitcases

Nelson Felter

Nelson Felter

John R Felter

Harry and Nelson

Nellie Felter Blackwell
Sac City Ellis

Victor Felter

Harvey and Annie Hillman Felter

Nelson Felter,
Daisy Gallion,
Rachel Gallion,
Rachel Smith

Rachel Gallion

Daisy Gallion

Daisy(l) Rachel (m) Annie(R)


Clara Morison


Calphurnia Felter

(Calla) Harvey's daughter

Florence E Sullivan

Aug 1 1891
17 months

Burr W Sullivan

May 1 1889
10 months

Elmina Felter

Agnes Schoolcraft

AJ Whisman

Ray Whisman

Pearl, Mabel and Roy

Phillip Klein

Mrs. Phillip Klein

What was her name?

Ed Strom

Miriam and Jamie Robertson

Robertson Child

Do you know his first name?

Ed Strom

May Cannon

Nelda Felter

Harvey and Annie's Family in Garwin IA

Clockwise from Top: Victor, Calphuria, Vernon and Inez

These photos were not in her album, but they relate to this family and I thought you would enjoy them.

Victor's Children
(Top to Bottom) Victor, Donald, Pauline, William Harvey and Marjorie

Log Cabin

Harvey Felter
Who is with him?

Washta Band
Norman Hopkin's Felter Photo Collections (Be sure to come back)!
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