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  Carmel Photos

Photos from the Carmel/Karmelek Family

There may be multiple pictures of the same person.   Click on either the photo or the name to enlarge the picture.  Please let me know if you recognize anyone who has been misidentified, is labeled as unknown or is in a group photo where not everyone is labeled.   I arranged these trying to keep related people together.   Also see the Perlstadt photos page.   Thank You for your help.

Halina Bigos Garson and Nina Perlstadt Meyer

Isaac Bigos

Isaac Bigos

Rivka Karmelek

Yehiel Carmel Warsaw or Tel Aviv?

Saul N Karmel in St Louis

Wolf Karmelek in Warsaw

Wolf Karmelek possibly in Argentina

Zosia Fodorn Karmelek (Wolf's wife)

Taube Karmelek in Warsaw

Taube Karmelek in Vienna

Tova Karmelek Barlev

Kalman Barlev

Rivka, Preva, and Wolf Karmelek,Shea Rosendorf, Esther Karmelek de Rosendorf

Esther Karmelek in Belgium

Esther Karmelek and Uncle Shea Rozendorf

Lilli Rozendorf in Argentina
Shea Rozendorf and Lili Mar 1923

Esther Rozendorf and Lili

Milton Goldstein

Israel Goldstein and friend

Joe Carmel

Chauish Goldstein

Seymour Carmel

Aunt Preve Karmelek

Milton Chauish and Israel Goldstein

Hilda and Joe Carmel

Seymour Carmel

Aunt Preva Carmel

Joe and Hilda Carmel and daughter

Itche Carmel, Molly Carmel, Esther Karmelek Rozendorf, Lili Rozendorf Torchinski(?), and Sidney Perlstadt

Isaac Perlstdt, Esther Karmelek Rozendorf, Itche Carmel, Shea Rozendorf, and Sidney Perlstadt

Isaac Perlstadt, Esther Karmelek Rozendorf, Itche Carmel, Shea Rozendorf, Lili Rozendorf Torchinski and Leon Torchinski

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