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  Irene's Afghans


Irene, of blessed memory, was a fabulous knitter and she knit many afghans.   I found all of her original knitting patterns when I cleaned out her house after she died..  I know that she had given many knitting clinics during her lifetime, and enjoyed sharing her skills with others.   I put together a small booklet of her knitting patterns with photographs of some of her afghans.
The pictures on this page are a small sample of her afghans.  . In the booklet, there is a photo of a sample of each pattern, and the pattern. She knit narrow strips and the sewed the edges together with yarn.
It is really too large to read online.  . We are not selling it (as I have seen other websites), but would strongly suggest that if you use her patterns, that you make a contribution to the charity of your choice in her memory.
She felt that she owed a lot to the Salvation Army, because they fed and clothed her entire family during the Great Depression, when her father lost his farm.
Download Irene's Afghans.
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