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51 Arrived from South Hamption about 24 Jan 1923 in New York Naturalization petition Schlamovitch, Rita (I807)
52 arrived in Galveston May 1905 Baum, Mordecai (Motel) (I575)
53 Arrived on 29 May 1903 from Hamburg on the Deutschland, having resided in Berlin Brauer, Sarah (I2609)
54 Arrived US on 25 May 1884 from Hamburg on the SS Polaria
According to the Hamburg emigration lists, he was from Kowno, Russia at age 38.

There are three towns which correspond to Kowno listed in the Jewish Communities database. The geographic locations for the towns are specified from smallest to largest as town, district, guberniya (province) and county.

The most well-known is Kaunas, Lithuania, which was Kovno, Kovno, Kovno, Russian Empire.
The next town listed is now known as Poleskoye, Ukraine but was Khabno, Radmosyl, Kiev, Russian Empire.
The third town is Novi Kovno, Ukraine which was Novo-Kovno, Kherson, Kherson, Russian empire. This town was according to Yad v' Shem founded in 1849 as a Jewish agricultural community by Jews from Kovno. This town was occupied by German troops in 1941 but many of the Jews were able to escape.
All three of these towns are quite a distance from Odessa.
Yet another possible match is the one closest to Odessa, Kishla, (Ciobana) which is only 37.5 miles SSW of Odessa.

We do know that his wife's family came from Odessa, which was Odessa, Odessa, Kherson, Russian Empire, which would argue for either Kishla or Novi-Kovno.

However in other cases, people went back quite a distance to visit family before they left for the US, and that would make the first town also a real possibility since the group administrator for Ken Meyers Y DNA project said that all the other close matches go back to an ancestor in Lithuania.
In this case the proximity to Odessa would not be the key factor, since a return to visit his father and relatives in Kovno would lead to Kovno being on the manifest, but not the town that he had lived in. 
Meyer, Fishel (I1005)
55 Arrrived SS Batavia from Hamburg to New York 26 May 1907 as Salomon Davis
Marriage License No 4038
Wedding invitation says
"Solomon Davis"
Will says "Samuel Davis"
Naturalization papers say Samuel Davis
Groom's Index says Sam Davis
Marriage license says Congregation Beth Israel
Marriage License says Sam Davis 
Davis, Sam (I1014)
56 Article in Las Vegas paper about his being the oldest person working in Las Vegas
Also born in New York to Benjamin and Pauline Riff (Father from Lithuania) 
Riff, George (I3531)
57 ashes scattered at sea Siegel, Dorothy (I1479)
58 At 510 Robinson St in Bergen, New Jersey 1930 Strugates, Berel (Barney) (I2628)
59 at a young age? Edelberg, Tzivia (I2990)
60 Based on the 1900 census, where she was living with her daughter Breindl she was born in Russia in Jun of 1843. She therefore can't be Fishel's mother (she was only 4 when he was born), but she is listed as the mother of his sisters, making her his step mother. She also must have out lived Joseph Perchik and remarried someone named Berzril. Since she is only 56, she could have lived past 1910 but may have remarried. She came about 1882, probably about the same time that Fishel and the Goren family came. Hite, Bluma (I1003)
61 Birth and death dates if her name on her OASDI is Bertha.
The passenger manifest has her at age 19 in 1908 meaning that she would have been born in 1889.
This is also consistent with the 1930 census which has her age as 42
She came to her uncle Rubin LAUER. Since Lauer was not her mother's maiden name, either one of
the Perlstadt sisters or one of the Weintraub sisters married a Lauer.
She arrived March 18 1908 from Antwerp on the SS Vaterland 
Perlstadt, Broncha (Becky) (I117)
62 Birth Details:U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942 Spies, Abraham (I6390)
63 Birth Details:U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942Name Details:U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942Birth Details:U.S. Passport Applications, 1795-1925Name Details:U.S. Passport Applications, 1795-1925Death Details:Social Security Death IndexBirth Details:Social Security Death Index Birth Details:1940 United States Federal CensusName Details:1940 United States Federal CensusBirth Details:1910 United States Federal CensusName Details:1910 United States Federal CensusBirth Details:1900 United States Federal CensusName Details:1900 United States Federal Census Samuels, Dan (I5758)
64 Birth Mar 7 year unknown Halpern, Miriam (I4991)
65 Birth place and marriage from Ancestry family databaseBirth and death dates from California Death Index Kashtansky, Rebecca (I3283)
66 Birth/ Death from Social Security Death Index Matched year
Also California Death Certificate, Matched Mother's maiden name 
Rosenberg, Minnie Tillie (I319)
67 Birth/ marriage dates from family bible. Edelberg, Samuel David (I780)
68 Bismark Daily Times 15 Sep 1910
Peter Schlamovitch's house burned last spring (March 23, 1910). He came to Bismark to see about
getting a new school house for Richmond County. The fire last spring also burned his granaries. Then
he replanted and the crop was burned by drought
Lived in Wishek North Dakota and advertised in the Lost and Found column of the Feb 7 1915
Bismark Times (
and the 3 March 1915) for two horses a 5 year old gray and a 7 year old black gelding that had strayed, 
Schlamovitch, Pesach (I1234)
69 Block 46 Ref 20 Section J Line A/B Grave Shaffer, Hilda (I1317)
70 Block 46 Ref 20 Section J Line A/B Grave Carmel, Joseph (I178)
71 Boris Yaacov (Jack) arrived in the US in 1923 Edelberg, Bassa (I806)
72 Breast Cancer Baum, Rebecca (Reta) (I611)
73 Breast Cancer Carmel, Tova (I177)
74 Breast Cancer Kirshrot, Carol (I34)
75 Breast Cancer in Situ (lumpectomy only) Weiser, Muriel (I821)
76 Breast Cancer, died of stroke
She was a saleslady in ready to wear in the 1940 census in San Francisco 
Edelberg, Celia (I808)
77 Breast cancer,non-Hodgkin's lymphoma Perlstadt, Lillian Mildred (I83)
78 Buried with full military honors

Colonel Kirshrot began his military career as an enlisted soldier at Camp Lee, Virginia, in March 1942. He took basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and after graduating from Quartermaster Officer Candidate School was commissioned second lieutenant in 1943. During World War II, Colonel Kirshrot served first with the 78th Infantry Division in North Africa, then with General Mark Clark's Fifth Army in Italy. As a platoon leader with the 90th Quartermaster Railhead
Company, his unit landed at Salerno on D-Day, and came ashore amidst intense and sustained enemy bombardment. They continued accompanying ground forces in combat throughout the Po Valley Campaign, and set up forward ration supply points the whole way. Shortly after being promoted to First Lieutenant, Colonel Kirshrot took command of the 90th Quartermaster Railhead Company in Italy.
Over the next three decades Colonel Kirshrot held key command and staff positions with the Sixth Army in Europe, the Eighth Army in Japan, at the Pentagon, and with key Quartermaster agencies at home and abroad. During the Vietnam War, Colonel Kirshrot commanded the Long Binh Depot from May
1971 until May 1972. And the following year ran Headquarters, USAREUR's Logistics Operation Center during its support for the 1973 Middle East War.
Colonel Kirshrot retired at Fort Lee in July 1974, after a long and very productive career. He enjoyed an equally active career in academia afterwards, and has served as a Special Advisor on Arms Control, with ambassadorial status, for Presidents Reagan and Bush. He also continues to support the
Quartermaster Corps as a member of the Quartermaster Foundation.
Kirshrot, Isidor Jacob (I275)
79 C-13-826 Kirshrot, Joseph Leib (I30)
80 Came from a wealthy family Fordan, Zelda (I1323)
81 Came to New York in 1922? Goldman, Morris (I308)
82 Came to the US in 1907 Edelberg, Aron (Urin) (I2572)
83 Came to the US in 1920 Ankier, Abram (I458)
84 Came to the US, went to North Dakota, then went to Calgary and from Calgary went to Long Beach.
Some of his
wife's family had already settled in Long Beach 
Schlamovitch, Manuel (I3359)
85 Came to US in 1882 Ankier, Aron (I457)
86 CANTON, Ga. - John R. Edelberg, 88, formerly of Turtle Cove, died Nov. 24, 2010 at his home in
Lawrenceville, Ga. He was born in Saranac Lake.

He was the fifth of five children born to Samuel and Mary Edelberg.

He was an officer in the U.S. Navy during World War II and was stationed in the Pacific. He was on
Tinian Island when the Enola Gay landed, en route to Japan. He retired as director of safety for the
Army's Forces in Command.

He is survived by his wife of 46 years Joan A. Edelberg; daughter Janett Edelberg, New York; son
Arnold Edelberg, Port Douglas, Australia; son and daughter-in-law David and Joy Edelberg, Dahlonega,
Ga; daughter and son-in-law Katharine (Muffy) and Richard Magahey, Gainesville, Ga; daughter and
son-in-law, Julianne and Michael Oblas, Atlanta, Ga.; daughter and son-in-law Mary and Jim Krall,
Lawrenceville, Ga.; and nine grandchildren.

A graveside service will be held at 12:30 p.m. today at Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, Ga. A
memorial service will be held at 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 28 at Wages and Sons Gwinnett Chapel The
family will receive friends starting at 3:30 p.m.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the American Diabetes Association, P.O. Box 11454,
Alexandria, VA 22312 or online at

Wages and Sons Gwinnett Chapel, 1031 Lawrenceville Highway, Lawrenceville, Ga., is in charge of
arrangements and can be reached at 770-277-4550.

Newspaper Airondack Daily Enterprise Published 11/24/2010 
Edelberg, John R. "Jack" (I2655)
87 Celery tonic at wedding Davis, Molly (I545)
88 Children 1 and 2 are an assumption currently. Perlstadt, Alexander Ziskind (I252)
89 Comm Section 3 Row F Grave Nezon, Morley Mendel (I222)
90 Coronary Thrombosis Perlstadt, Charles (I116)
91 Corridor of Solace SW111B, Schlamovitch, Eva (I1216)
92 Court of Dedication, Block 6, Plot 115, Space 1 Edelberg-Davis, Tillie (I1013)
93 Court of Dedication, Block 6, Plot 115, Space 1 Meyer, Herman Charles (I1008)
94 D 23 89 Kierz, Eva (I516)
95 D 23 89 Karmel, Lazaro Wolf (I181)
96 Daughters Chaiah Deborah and Freidel died in the Holocaust Ankier, Niche Breindel (I4)
97 Death is before 1939 and after March 1908. Gravestone in Warsaw Cemetery and also listed on
Brancie Perlstadt's immigration (EIDB) as next of kin in March 1908 
Perlstadt, Mordechai Yehuda (I41)
98 died in the flu epidemic Goldman, Sigmund (I315)
99 Died of Cancer Kafri, Devorah (I295)
100 Died of leukemia Christiansen, Kayla (I936)

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