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201 Not sure about first name possibly Duajn. Karmelek (I435)
202 Orphaned raised by aunt, uncle
JRI Poland has a marriage in 1868 between a Moishe Kopsdorf and a Bajla Szames.
Also there is a Shlomo Jehuda Kopsdorf in the Warsaw cemetery, possible the grandfather of this man 
Kopsdorf, Solomon Yehuda (I45)
203 Owned a tailor shop in 1940 in San Francisco. Gumbert, Samuel (I1451)
204 Pants Presser 1910 census
Arrived in 1898 
Schulman, Herman (I4965)
205 Parkinson's disease Bigos, Nathan (I256)
206 Pearl was the daughter of Moshe. Zisser, Perl (I1807)
207 Petition number 98455 Los Angeles California Colburt, Jack (I1440)
208 plot -, 58, 6, Rabinovitch, Rebeca (I1391)
209 Plot 14N 234 Ankier, Eliott James (I4670)
210 Plot 20 162 9 Edelberg, Isaac (I962)
211 Plot 24 268 88 Rozendorf, Isaias Leon (I1308)
212 Plot 4b#499 Szydelko, Yocheved (I1167)
213 Plot 9-D Section 27 Davis, Sam (I1014)
214 Plot A-10-19 Leshney, Tye (Titania) (I158)
215 plot D-9 Section 27, Meyer, Dora (I1009)
216 Plot KA 1 6 Garson, Angela Ruth (I242)
217 Possibly a cousin, on the passenger manifest, it mentions that Broncha is going to her uncle, Rubin
Lauer at 93 Suffolk St. New York. Best guess is that one of her mother's sisters married Rubin Lauer.
However this does not work as her mother's maiden name does not match Rubin Lauer's wife's maiden
The 1930 census has their ages as 44 and 42 respectively.
Rubin is Max's father! but Max's mother's maiden name is Goodstein.
Is Rubin really her uncle in addition to being her future father-in-law?
Married at his home.
Also note that according to one manifest a Max Lauer of approximately the same age was naturallized
in Brooklyn in 1929, passport # 43544
1910 census doing embroidery
Their marriage license has them both as 21, which would mean that Max was born about 1887, which
is consistent with the census information and inconsistent with the draft card information 
Lauer, Max (I121)
218 Possibly a version of Shalom. Edelberg, Schollum (I2580)
219 possibly near Ostrowskie Sigelbaum, Mechal (I223)
220 Premarital Notarized agreement #642 Lasher, Itsek (I1498)
221 Sam's naturalization papers give Dora's date of birth as 15 April 1891.
They married in Congregation Beth Israel in Manhattan, New York. 
Meyer, Dora (I1009)
222 Sec W Lot 168 Sp 6, Meyer, Fishel (I1005)
223 Second Aliyah 1911 Carmel, Yehiel (I173)
224 Sect W Lot 168 Sp 5, Hite, Rebecca Ida (I1004)
225 Section H, Row 6, 179 Garson, Maurice (I241)
226 Section Y Row H Plot 36 Ankier, Michalina (I4664)
227 See attached sources. Manaster, John (I1477)
228 See attached sources. Schlamovitch (Married Surname), Basse (I914)
229 See attached sources. Schlamovitch, Hirsh (I913)
230 See attached sources. Gilbert, Gil (I826)
231 See attached sources. Levenstein, Luba (I813)
232 See attached sources. Beym, Sonia (Sarah) (I654)
233 See attached sources. Edelberg, Shimon (I576)
234 See attached sources. Edelberg, Jean Jennie (I562)
235 See attached sources. Kiront, Thomas (I555)
236 See attached sources. Davis, Florence Ann (I553)
237 See attached sources. Anker, Avraham (I474)
238 See attached sources. Rosenberg, Jacob (I1362)
239 See attached sources. Karmel, Pauline (I404)
240 See attached sources. Bigos, Isaac (I285)
241 See attached sources. Szapir, Marya (I1553)
242 See attached sources. Ankier, Devorah (I1532)
243 See attached sources. Zion, Mary (I1448)
244 See attached sources. Maclev, Zadok (I66)
245 See attached sources. Meyers, Leon (I1092)
246 See attached sources. Edelberg, Samuel (I1403)
247 See attached sources. Edelberg, Solomon (I1827)
248 See attached sources. Hollander, Lillian (I2513)
249 See attached sources. Edelberg, Shmuel (I2556)
250 See attached sources. Edelberg, Sidney (I2579)

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