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151 Holocaust Ruth (I1548)
152 Holocaust Perlstadt, Tobeh (I42)
153 Homesteaded in North Dakota Edelberg, Chaim (I804)
154 If her name was Shoshanna then she died between 1918 and 1926. Weinbaum, Sura Zlata (I1324)
155 Immigrated in June 1913 Bychkov, Hessie (I577)
156 In 1870 directory, at the same address as Sarah and Malka Karmelek, Udla (I445)
157 In 1940 he lived in the Bronx and was an insurance agent. In the 1930 census he was a book salesman, and his sister-in-law was living with them. Anker, Joseph Edward (I7909)
158 In 1940 he was a shipping clerk. Anker, Nathaniel (I7915)
159 In Minnesota School for the feeble minded in 1930, polished floors in Fairibault, Rice County Minnesota Schlamovitch, Julia (I3290)
160 In Possession of James L Christiansen Source (S179)
161 in Silver Ave Home For The Aged Levenstein, Luba (I813)
162 In the 1870 Warsaw city directory, his occupation is that of a
Died falling off of ladder in Wallpaper store 
Karmelek, Joshua (I172)
163 In the 1910 census there is an Abraham and Jennie Rosenthal on the same page with Samuel and Florence Halpern Rosenthal, Florence (I4994)
164 In the California Death index Jack's name is spelled Schlamovitz Schlamovitch, Jack (I1219)
165 in the Ghetto. Wagner, Samuel (I14)
166 In the possession of David Ferguson, Royal Oak, Michigan

Source Media Type: Book 
Source (S33)
167 Joe attended ORT School in Warsaw
naturalization certificate Vol 272 page 378 Year 1922 K 654 (soundex under Karmelek)
arrrived US 28 Jan 1914 on the Kroonland from Antwerp 
Carmel, Joseph (I178)
168 Joe was her first cousin on the Baum side.
Immigrated in 1912 
Baum, Etta (I580)
169 Joshua is known, the other children were living in Warsaw at
this time, and are assumed to be siblings.
Either Joshua or Aron Bigos was a member of the Kehilla of Warsaw according to a note in Mom's
writing. She just mentioned that it was her mother's grandfather, without stating which one. However
since I have not seen records of the Bigos family 
Karmelek, Joseph (I171)
170 Latvian Archives list of those with the Schlamovitch surname going to Kolonie L'vovo. Abraham was the only male that was the right age to be the father of Hirsh Ber, who was obviously named for his grandfather. Schlamovitch, Abraham (I910)
171 Leukemia Edelberg, Minnie (I840)
172 Listed as seamstress in the 1870 Warsaw city directory Karmelek, Malka Perl (I312)
173 Listed in the 1870 city directory, the other Samuel died in
His wife may have been Chana who died in 1935 
Karmelek, Samuel (I443)
174 lived in care facility
Birth announced as "and baby" in the 25 June 1916 Bismark daily times. His surname was still
Schlamovitch at birth 
Serlin, Harold (I1217)
175 Lived in North Dakota with Pesach, grew up in Minneapolis and
Chicago. Finally settled in Long Beach
Cemetery records disagree with dob by 1 year (1872) and dod by
one day.
1940 in Los Angeles with Hilda and Juliet and a Josephine Fix (labelled Mother)? 1920 in Minneapolis with Hilda, and all three children. 1930 on Kedzie in Chicago with Irving and Juliet. 1910 in Chicago with the two older children 
Kart, Leibel (Louis) (I672)
176 Living in Fargo, Cass, North Dakota in 1920 census. Father's name is spelled Kiene! Edelberg, Rebecca (Bea) (I809)
177 Located in Waupun, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Source (S199)
178 Luis and Ana are Martha's children. Edelberg, Guillermo Samuel (I798)
179 Made Aliyah in 1924 Anker, Shmuel (I472)
180 Manuel and Matilda Schlamovitch came to Matilda's family in Long Beach in the 1920's or 1930's Block, Matilda (I3360)
181 Marian's son, Leon's step son Holliday, Mark Thomas (I1125)
182 Marriage of first cousins Serlin, Sam (I825)
183 Married and died with her husband and children in Auschwitz Nuta, Miriam (I4196)
184 Married at 15, to a soldier from wisconsin, marriage later
2 children given up for adoption 
Kiront, Barbara M. (I556)
185 Married Fri pm common custom - Shabbat sheva bracha 5 Adar 5666
Sold embroidered Torah mantels all over Europe, including
Carmel, Sarah Lee (I80)
186 Married with 4 children, all murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz Nuta, Icchok Lejb (I4147)
187 Married with children, all murdered by the Nazis in 1942 Tema (I4154)
188 Married with two children. Her husband's name was either ___ Wajn or Wajn ____.
All were murdered by the Nazis at Auschwitz 
Nuta, Chava (I4148)
189 Married Yom Haatzemeut Barlev, Yehoshua (I194)
190 Married, has children one daughter is in the Navy
Adopted at age 5 by his father's sister Mildred Marion Pensler and Frank J. Pesta. 
Pesta, Larry Steven (I1031)
191 Married, her husband was also murdered, but her 8 month old baby was not circumsized and given to a
Christian friend to raise. The baby may have survived. Her husband's brother (her brother in law)
survived and went to Israel, and told Ana Raquel's parents about this child. 
Nuta, Rachel (I4198)
192 May have been born about 1920 Aronson, Paulina (I986)
193 MEYERS Joseph Meyers, 90, of Reynoldsburg, formerly of Grand Rapids/Detroit, Michigan, after a full and enriching life. Survived by his wife of 68+ years, Sylvia; and elder sister, Sylvia Grossberg of El Cajon, California. Will be greatly missed by daughter Lydia (Rene Villavicencio) Detroit; sons, Leon (Marian),
Reynoldsburg, Andrew (Carol Shkolnik), Columbus, Eric (Hiroko), Newark, Ohio. His memory will be a blessing to grandchildren Robin Gillis, Bridgett Gaines (Ed), Leah Meyers (Greg Golden), Toby Whitehead (Matthew), Amanda Meyers, Chris Holliday (Lori), Lisa Holliday, Todd Shkolnik, Josh Shkolnik (Jennifer); and 11 great-grandchildren. Minyan at 7:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at
the home of Andrew Meyers and Carol Shkolnik. 
Meyers, Joseph (I1098)
194 Moishe came from Kherson, along with most of his family. But he had a brother who lived in Odessa
and the Odessa branch were musicians and associated with the conservatory there. 
Eisenstein, Morris (I1594)
195 Mother's maiden name was Haber Hofberg, Joseph (I1485)
196 Moved to New York in 1923 Nathin, Louis (I4156)
197 Moved to Rochester New York California 1940 Brauer, Kinley Jules (I2512)
198 Name: Abraham Lee Schlamovitch
Army #: 2,700,235
Registrant: yes, Emmons county
Birth Place: Colonial, Russia
Birth Date: 21 Sep 1892
Parent's Origin: declarant citizen
Occupation: salesman
Comment: inducted at Minneapolis, Minn., on May 13, 1918; served in Medical Department, Fort Riley,
Kans., to June 9, 1918; Camp Crane, Pa., July Medical Replacement Draft, to Aug. 26, 1918; Medical
Detachment, 18th Field Artillery, to discharge; 
Smiley, Abraham Lee (I3284)
199 Naturalized 2 March 1942 in Southern District of New York US District Court
Petition number 394492, ARR 3411626 
Kassover, Sadie (I122)
200 Naturalized in 1910 Edelberg, Pesach (I561)

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