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101 died of leukemia Garson, Angela Ruth (I242)
102 Died of liver cancer Edelberg, Joseph (I827)
103 Died with her husband and two children Nuta, Chana Tova (I4197)
104 died young Stokfisz, Chaiah Deborah Leah (I2)
105 Dr. Fred Meyer had a long and distinguished career. He began college at Wayne (Detroit) at the age of 16, transferring to the University of Michigan for his senior year, with a major in Chemistry. He then went to the University of Wisconsin for graduate school, where he met his future wife, Nina Perlstadt.
He finished his PhD in Physical Chemistry in late 1940 and had a post-doc scheduled with Nils Bohr. However, with the break out of WWII in Europe, the post doc was cancelled. He and Nina married in February of 1941 in Chicago. So, he went to work for the bureau of Mines in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
In 1943 he was called to work on the Manhattan Project and they moved back to Chicago. His part of the project finished in September 1944 and then he moved to Kansas City, Missouri to teach at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Since Nina was nine months pregnant, she remained in Chicago until after Sarah was old enough to travel, staying with her brother and sister-in-law.
Due to the war, there were no appropriate places to live in Kansas City, so at the end of the academic year, Fred took a job with Ethyl corporation as a chemist. During this period Ruth was born. While he was there apparently Ethyl developed a non-sudsing cleaning product. Nina's nephew remembers that they received many bottles of this product, which did a good job and by the time that their supply finally ran out, Mr. Clean was on the market (which very much resembled the product that Uncle Fred sent.
After about 8 years with Ethyl Corporation, Fred was tired of office politics and was going to leave Ethyl. At that time he decided to go back to Wayne (now Wayne State) and pursue his dream field mathematics. While he was there, (about 1952), he was part of a team that worked on the first (machine) programming language. He apparently came home and told Nina: "We finally got the computer to do, what we wanted it to do... and the rest will be history". He finished his PhD in partial differential equations in the summer of 1959.
He had a new job waiting for him at Boeing Scientific Laboratory in Seattle. When the family arrived in Seattle, after narrowly missing being trapped by the Yellowstone earthquake, he discovered that the job for which he was hired no longer existed. However they found other projects for which he was very useful. The Seattle climate did not agree with Nina, giving her a sinus headache every day.
So once again Fred went job hunting and found two potential positions in Southern California. He chose based on which one was closer to the climate Nina preferred! Before he left however, he had only time to finish one of two projects that he was working on. His boss wanted him to finish a particular one, but Fred said that any mathematician could finish that one; but the other one required both chemistry and mathematics at the PhD level and they would have a harder time finding someone else qualified to do it. So that was the project he finished...later we learned that it had to do with the heat shield for the space capsule containing the astronauts.
He then moved to take the job at Aerospace corporation in San Bernardino, California in September of 1963. Nina and Ruth waited for the house to sell and joined him in late November of 1963 (just prior to the assassination of President Kennedy). Sarah was attending the University of Washington and moved down the following June. While at Aerospace he collaborated with his sister-in law Dr. Bessie Lendrum to develop a three dimensional view of the heart from X rays. She provided the medical expertise and he worked on the translating slices of two dimensional X rays into a three dimensional picture. He retired from Aerospace Corporation (in El Segundo, California - having moved when the company was forced to move).
The professional employee's "union" convinced him to work for them for a year, and he did, finishing a report on Aetna's managed care health insurance, that led to some changes in the administration of the health insurance, just prior to his death. He had a bad mitral valve, that had been misdiagnosed as a different heart condition. By the time that it was properly diagnosed, the heart muscle was so weak that it could not hold the stitches from the new valve. His cardiologist thanked Nina for seeing to it that his bill was paid by the insurance and she answered "that was Fred's doing" !
He was living in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, California at the time of his death. However, he died in Little Company of Mary Hospital, which was in Torrance, Los Angeles, California. 
Meyer, Dr. Fred (I93)
106 Dvinsk is currently Daugavpils, Latvia. Fisch, Charles Samuel (I5115)
107 Engagement announced 12 October 1947 in the New York Times Nathan, Janice (I129)
108 Entered the US in 1906 through Detroit.had been in Canada, Came to Halifax from Minsk in 1904 on SS Pretoria. Cohn, Joseph (I1011)
109 Escaped during WWII from a small country near Germany. A brother went to Israel. Wasserstrom, Bernardo (I1667)
110 Ethel was from Brestlikovsk
cause of death: Coronary heart failure death cert #9856
If Molly was born in St. Louis in 1904 then both David and Ethel had to be in the US by 1904. According to the 1910 census they arrived circa 1900 but certainly no later than Jan 1904 
Davis, David Fishel (I543)
111 Event Description: Age at Death: 72
Event Description: Mount Pleasant Cemetary, 80 Commerce Street, Hawthorne, NY 
Schmetterling, Rosalinda (I6413)
112 Event Description: Bayley Seton Hospital, Staten Island, NY, USA
Event Description: MT. Richmond Cemetary. 23/1/19A 
Tuckman, Shepard (I6225)
113 Event Description: Naples Memorial Gardens Cemetary Mausoleum M Spies, Murray L. (I6388)
114 Father-in-law is a Sephardic Rabbi from Sarajevo, Yugoslavia Kart, Judith (I663)
115 First married in Canada then remarried in Phoenix, AZ or vice versa Family F526
116 Floated down Dnieper River on log raft. He floated down the
Dnieper River to Lvova, with his wife and family and the rest
of the Shtetl about 18240. 
Edelberg, Benjamin (I687)
117 Florida Marriage and Divorce Indices. Family information was a marriage on 30 Nov 1983 in Connecticut Bigos, Dora (I5661)
118 Florida Marriage and Divorce Indices. Family information was a marriage on 30 Nov 1983 inConnecticut Tuckman, Fannie (I5579)
119 Florida Marriage and Divorce Indices. Family information was a marriage on 30 Nov 1983 inConnecticut Tuchman, Nathan (I5662)
120 Florida Marriage and Divorce Indices. Family information was a marriage on 30 Nov 1983 inConnecticut Tuckman, Esther (I6216)
121 Florida Marriage and Divorce Indices. Family information was a marriage on 30 Nov 1983 inConnecticut Event Description: Influenza epidemic
Event Description: Washington Cem 
Tuckman, Stanislaus Nathan (I6215)
122 Found a Harry Kart in the 1920 census in Pittsburg the father of Isaac Kart! Aged 72 but that is not
consistent with a dob of 1876. 
Kart, Hershel (I671)
123 Galicia Segal, Herman (I5395)
124 Going to Daughter's in 1900
Daughter is I or J Goodman 
Edelberg, Aron (I3456)
125 good-natured
unable to handle money, spent wife's fortune,
visited Israel
He may have died in Panama,
It may be possible that he and Zosia divorced and then he remaried. There is a Lazaro Karmel who is
buried in Tablada Viejo who died 5 Feb 1966 with a different woman! 
Karmel, Lazaro Wolf (I181)
126 H, 6, 180 Bigos, Halina (I237)
127 had children-don't know names,sex,or number of children Perlstadt, Benjamin Hacohen (I115)
128 HALBFINGER--Sara, 94, died peacefully in her home in Miami Beach, FL on May 16, 2008. Devoted
wife of the late Abraham. Loving mother of Martin (Lynn), Ruth Posner (Monte) (both deceased), Phillip
(deceased) (Ann). Adored grandmother of Marla (Scott) Hyndman, Felicia Posner, Bonnie and Caroline
Halbfinger. Special greatgrandmother of Melissa and Justin Hyndman. Cherished aunt of Edmund
(Marianne) Chanover, Reina (Oded) Leibel and Aliza (Amnon) Kolodney. Her strength was an inspiration
to her family and community. Funeral service Sunday, May 18, 2pm at Plaza Memorial Chapel,
Amsterdam Avenue and 91st St.

HALBFINGER--Sara. We mourn the loss of Sara, mother of Martin Halbfinger. Our heartfelt
condolences to Marty and Lynn, granddaughters Bonnie and Carly and their entire family. Charles and
Judy Temel, Erica, Laura, Dan 
Chanover, Sara Golda (I1346)
129 Hannah Sarah was his second wife, he had at least a daughter and possibly a son from his first wife.
The daughter may have been Chaja who married a cousin Joseph Feinsilber in Mile End (London) in
the third quarter (July-Sep) of 1913. (1 c 820) 
Feinsilber, Emanuel (I76)
130 He became Isidore Shindel and lived in Seattle. I think that there may have been another Gutman Perlstadt who died in the Brest Ghetto. His father's name is liste as Mordechai Zvi on his gravestone. Shindell, Isaac Isidore (I119)
131 He died young as a bachelor before Guillermo was born. Edelberg, Leon (I3572)
132 He has MS Lippman, Bernard Samuel (I612)
133 He may have been Seko in some records Ankier, Abraham (I382)
134 He never had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony. He lied about age when came to work for Lockheed, which meant that he worked at least 10 years past normal retirement. Meyers, Henry (I1010)
135 He was a very picky eater. He died at Belleview Hospital and there was no
cause of death listed on the death certificate. He was originally buried in Beth Israel Cemetery and transferred later to Mt. Ararat, He was living at 1004 Fox St New York at the time of death. 
Davis, Fred (I1116)
136 He was adopted, and died in trouble with police. According to the US Border Crossings records he was born in Montreal (see alternate birth) and his original surname was Shapiro. Engelberg, Leonard Jerome (I1058)
137 He was an operator of a movie theater in 1930 & 1940 in Brooklyn. Schulman, Benjamin (I1587)
138 Her father was Rabbi Reuven Ankier (married surname), Shosha (I4655)
139 Her father's first name was (Lipman) Louis. Siegel, Clarice (I1025)
140 Her maiden name may have been Brauer. Emma (Brauer) (I2775)
141 Her parents were Joseph and Rose Lenoff (Joseph's obit - he died about 11 Aug 1960 in Winnipeg) Obit dated 13 Aug 1960 Winnipeg Free Press Lenoff, Dora (I20)
142 Her spouse died in 1941 and they had no children. Eidelberg, Klara (I4707)
143 Her surname may be Wolf, or it could be her father's first name. Gita (I422)
144 His age is based on the estimate of Fishel's age as circa 1846 from Fishel's death certificate and census records. Bluma's age in the 1900 census makes it clear that she was too young to be Fishel's mother. So Joseph had to have had two wives and we do not know the name of the first one. Joseph may have been died in either Odessa, Russia or Kaunas, Lithuania. Fishel's passenger arrival indicated that he left from Kovno, [Lithuania] to immigrate to the US. This indicates to me that Joseph and his first wife were from Kovno, Lithuania. Perchik, Joseph (I1001)
145 His first name may have been Eliot. Lewin, Marcus (I2793)
146 His surname is either Bigos or Mayerowitz? Joseph HaCohen (I161)
147 His wives were sisters Karmelek, Solomon Nachum (I309)
148 His World War I draft registration says Oct 24, 1988 Meyers, Jack (I1007)
149 Holocaust Nachtail, Kuba (I1340)
150 Holocaust Daughter of Freda (I1549)

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