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The Genealogy of the Meyer (Blumenfeld/step Perchik), Anker/Ankier Bigos, Birgardovsky (Davis), (step)Edelberg, Hite, Karmelek, and Perlstadt families, originating in Latvia via Ukraine(Edelberg), Ukraine (Davis, Hite, Perchik) and Poland (Anker, Bigos, Karmelek (Carmel), and Perlstadt).   Now family members live in Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, France, Israel, Portugal, Russia, US, Poland and Ukraine.

Jim's major surnames are Learned, Brackney, Felter, Lovejoy, Smithers, Stone and Christiansen. His family photos are located at Jim Family Photos. You may also be interested in Felter Photos. Jim's mother Irene was quite a knitter and Irene's Afghans has her Afghan knitting patterns.

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